Hugh Williams & Jane Bell, Greenbrier County & Nicholas County, VA

HUGH WILLIAMS (JEREMIAH2, WILLIAM1) (Cindie Harper’s fifth great grandfather) was born 1767 in Virginia, and died Abt. 1852 in Nicholas County, Virginia.  He married JANE BELL January 18, 1791 in Greenbrier County, Virginia.  She was born 1776 in Virginia, and died Abt. 1875 in Nicholas County, West Virginia.

Hugh Williams married Jane Bell in Greenbrier County on January 10, 1791 by the Rev. John Alderson.

The land book of 1787-1821 shows that Hugh paid taxes on 100 acres in the Culbertson Creek area near Williamsburg in Northwest Greenbrier County.

He shows up in the 1820 Nicholas County census at the same time that William Williams first appeared there.  Hugh settled on Hughes Ferry, Nicholas County.  He owned 100 acres of Dulbertson Creek in 1787.

The 1840 census of Nicholas County place William Williams (b. 1800-1810), Alexander Williams b. 1816 and Andrew Williams b. 1813 in a cluster with Hugh Williams.

Hugh and Jane lived next door to Alexander and Hancy (Hall) Williams until Hugh’s death. Jane remained there, alone, after Hugh’s death.

Burial: Abt. 1852, Alex Williams farm on the old Persinger Road (currently called Lewis Farm on Ward Road), Canvas, Nicholas County, West Virginia.

JANE BELL:Burial: Aft. 1850, Alex Williams farm on the old Persinger Road (currently called Lewis Farm on Ward Road), Canvas, Nicholas County, West Virginia.


Children of HUGH WILLIAMS and JANE BELL are:

i. WILLIAM4 WILLIAMS, b. February 1794, Greenbrier County, Virginia; d. December 16, 1869, Nicholas County, West Virginia; m. ELIZABETH JONES, September 1817; b. Bet. 1796 – 1798, Greenbrier County, Virginia; d. March 31, 1882, Nicholas County, West Virginia.

Burial: Williams Family Cemetery, Spring Creek, Nicholas County, West Virginia

ii. CALEB WILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1796.

iii. FRANCES PARTHENIA WILLIAMS, b. 1798, Greenbrier County, Virginia;

m. HENRY NEFF, June 22, 1824, Greenbrier County, Virginia; b. Unknown, Unknown.

iv. JANE ANN WILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1804, Nicholas County, Virginia; d. September 22, 1872, Nicholas County, West Virginia; m. DAVID CAMPBELL ROBINSON VANBIBBER, September 02, 1824, Nicholas County, Virginia; b. November 16, 1799, Nicholas County, (then Kanawha), Virginia; d. March 01, 1889, Nicholas County, West Virginia.

Jane died at the age of 68 years of old age.  The informant was her husband David VanBibber.

MALINDA WILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1809, Greenbrier County, Virginia; d. Abt. 1880, Nicholas County, West Virginia; m. STEPHEN TAYLOR, April 18, 1826, Nicholas County, Virginia; b. Abt. 1801, Greenbrier County, Virginia; d. Aft. 1844, Nicholas County, Virginia.

Malinda is listed as Head of Household in the 1850 Census for Nicholas County with seven children.  She was probably as a widow at that time.  She appears on lines 3 thru 10 in the census for the Western District.

In the 1880 Census for Nicholas County she is listed as age 71 in the household of her brother-in-law Alexander Williams (65 and his wife Nancy J.)

Stephen and Malinda were married by John Campbell.  According the Brenda Collins Dillon’s Taylor Family History, they were married on April 11, 1826, in Nicholas County, Virginia.

Stephen may have died sometime between the 1840 and 1850 Census.  Probably after the birth of his last child, Mary Ann who was born in 1844.

vi. ANDREW WILLIAMS, b. 1813, Nicholas County, Virginia; m. ELIZABETH _____?, Unknown; b. Unknown, Unknown.

vii. ALEXANDER WILLIAMS, b. July 05, 1816, On Muddlety, Nicholas County, Virginia where the old Jones Mill stood.; d. March 29, 1896, Canvas, Nicholas County, West Virginia; m. NANCY HALL, Bef. 1836, Virginia; b. January 10, 1817, Virginia; d. May 10, 1885, Nicholas County, West Virginia.




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