Fort McCoy Project in Williamsburg Underway

This is a great preservation project. William McCoy is my 6th great grandfather and I am very excited to see this project move forward.

Beyond The North House Tour

 By Dr. Kim A. McBride

When is a barn much more than a barn – when it has a two story log house/fort inside, such as with McCoy’s Fort in Williamsburg.  According to McCoy Family tradition, the William McCoy house house/fort was built in 1769, making it one of the oldest standing structures in Greenbrier County.   It is the only standing log fort we know from the region, and as such, an incredible historic resource. Frontier forts were crucial to the continued occupation of West Virginia during Lord Dunmore’s War and the American Revolution. Without them many settlers would likely have abandoned the region for safer lands to the east.

McCoy’s Fort was briefly attacked following the Battle of Fort Donnally in May 1778, but local militia repulsed this attack. Sometime after the Indian Wars the McCoy family built a larger house nearby and the old log house/fort…

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3 thoughts on “Fort McCoy Project in Williamsburg Underway

  1. I wrote a book Captain Jack frontiersman. Jack Williams was my 6th Great Granddad. His mother was a sister to Captain McCoy who figures prominently in my book. John Thomas Williams who Williamsburg is named after was killed by Cornstalk and the Shawnee in 1763. Mary McCoy Williams and two young children were captured and taken to Ohio. Captain McCoy was part of the force that freed them two years later. The Williams boys, three of them served with McCoy at Point Pleasant. Thomas was killed there. John and Richard Williams were 2nd in command at Fort Donnally and they were part of a force that went to Fort McCoy the next day. My books can be purchased at the Williamsburg Historical Society or by emailing me at The society receive s a donation either way. Thanks

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